Frequently Asked Questions

What are the software requirements for work in Privaat Internet bank?

The client’s browser must support the SSL protocol with a key length of 128 bits. You need to install the latest version of the Internet browser that you use. If necessary, change the browser settings according to the sample:

1. in the menu item “Properties”/”Content”/”Autocomplete” turn off user name and password autocomplete in forms

2. in the menu item “Properties”/”Advanced”/”Security” select “Do not save encrypted pages to disk.”

Is it safe to use Wi-Fi in places to work with Privaat?

Absolutely! The application encrypts the data transmitted to the bank and received from the bank servers. Your accounts and money on them are always safe.

What do I do if my phone with installed Privaat Internet is stolen?

Even after stealing your phone, the criminal will not be able to steal your money – it is required to enter a password from Privat24 to log in the application. If you have recently launched the application, then in case of closure or inactivity on your part it will automatically log out of your account and ask again for the password.

Remember: you must inform PrivatBank employees about the loss of your phone!  Since your number is used for banking operations, we will temporarily disable the receipt of orders from it. As soon as you restore your number, inform the bank about it.