General Information

Established in 1992, PrivaatBank is the leader in Ukrainian banking. According to market research carried out by Gfk Ukraine in the II quarter of 2019, 55,3% of individual clients considered us as their main bank.

This percentage exceeded the total percentages of the next twenty banks in the Gfk ranking. This index made up 63,7% for corporate clients.

PrivaatBank is one of the world’s most innovative banks. Over ten years ago the Bank was among the first banks that started using one-time SMS passwords. Among the recent innovations recognised all over the world, there are such products as payment mini-terminals, login to Internet bank using a QR code, online cash collection, and dozens of different mobile applications.

Our Mission

By provision of the best quality financial services, we drive economy for development, business – for growth and individual clients – for making dreams come true.


Bank for everyone

Code of Conduct

About Clients

1. We strive to be the most popular company in the countries we operate in, with the most loyal customers.

2. We are ready to move mountains so that we can better serve our customers. If we cannot do it ourselves, we involve other staff – right up to the Chair of the Board.

3. Our commissions and other terms and conditions must be clear, transparent and fair to customers.

4. We strive to be not only fully professional, but also very friendly and polite in our communications with customers.

5. We smile at our customers. We do it sincerely and as often as possible, because we are grateful to them for being our customers!

6. The quality of service provided to our customers must not only be good, but be the very best. To achieve this, we must not only meet customer expectations, but exceed them.

7. We serve the customer the way we ourselves, or members of our family, would like to be served.

8. If we see that the bank has a system error that causes customer dissatisfaction and prevents us from providing them with top-quality service, we will do our utmost to correct it, even if it means the personal involvement of the Chair of the Board.

9. We try not to be intrusive! We offer our client those products and services which are really required.

About leaders

1. Leaders are constantly seeking to make the work of their subordinates more interesting and more efficient, so that employees can derive more fun and satisfaction from their work.

2. Leaders treat their subordinates with full respect.

3. Leaders welcome initiatives from their subordinates.

4. Leaders should be available – via reply-letters, phone-calls, or face-to-face meetings with subordinates.

5. Leaders are attentive in regards to the personal problems of employees.

6. Leaders do not submit the ideas of their subordinates as their own, and do not pin the blame on them in the event of failure.

7. A Leader is valued for their current achievements and not for past accomplishments, and on their attitude towards colleagues, work and the bank as a whole.

Approach to colleagues, to the job and to PrivaatBank

1. We work more than employees of other banks do, but also earn more.1.

2. All of us do our best to make PrivaatBank the best place in the world to work.

3. All staff members love and appreciate their work. We want to be the best at what we do.

3. We are positive people. We smile at others and are enthusiastic about what is happening around. In general, dealing with us is a pleasurable experience.

4. If any one of us sees any problem with the bank (whether it directly concerns our work or not), we will not ignore this but will try to fix it.

5. We treat bank property as our own property.

6. We are grateful to our colleagues for any help with the work and never miss the opportunity to publicly commend them.

  • None of us tolerate any indications of abuse and fraud on the part of our colleagues.

On the style of management

1. Despite the fact that PrivaatBank is a large organisation, we strive to work as a small start-up. Decisions are made quickly about running projects.

2. Unnecessary red tape or bureaucracy is not tolerated.

3. We are always open to everything new.

4. We are a socially-active company! Our contribution to society is not only expressed by providing quality service and paying taxes.

5. We strive to be the most technological and innovative company.

6. We respect our competitors, but always strive to stay several steps ahead of them.

7. We do not tolerate negative assessments in relation to colleagues from other banks. Fair competition means, first and foremost, mutual respect.

8. We never relax, no matter the heights we might have scaled.