You will save with PrivaatBank!

One in three of Ukrainian legal entities has an account in PrivaatBank! This means that you save on commissions as payments between PrivaatBank accounts are free of charge, and your payments are processed instantly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Your benefits

Credit up to UAH 500 ths. can be set to your account. The credit limit is calculated individually and depends on the transaction amount of your account. The more transactions you make with the bank the greater is the amount of available funds. You have a grace period of 35 days!

You will also receive:

1. A credit limit on your account.
2. Key to Account card – direct access to the account of your company.
3. E-banking services and account management: Privaat, Regular payments, Telephone banking, SMS banking.
4. Free cards for your employees: corporate, salary, cards for pay-outs.
6. Cash management – welcome to retail takings and cash collection.

Fees and charges

Opening an account UAH 0.00 (to participate in the Special Offer)
Monthly fee, account maintenance fee (if there are any client account transactions) UAH 100.00*
Payments to PrivaatBank accounts FREE
Payments to accounts of other banks UAH 3.00
Issuing a corporate card and a “Key to Account” card FREE
Withdrawal from own card funds (% of withdrawal sum) 0.8%
Withdrawal from credit card funds (% of withdrawal sum) 3%
Paying by card in retail outlets No commission
Transfer to other banks after 4:30 p.m. 0.2% of the sum
* If no client transactions were processed in month, the maintenance fee is not charged

Your benefits from PrivatBank account services

Other bank PrivaatBank Your thrift
Payments Average payment amount – not less than UAH 1.50 Payments between PrivaatBank accounts – free UAH 3,600 per annum (for average 200 payments per month)
Credits Average credit rate – 25% per annum Guaranteed payments – 4% per annum UAH 21,000 (for a credit of UAH 100,000)
Salary project Average commission – 0.2% of the amount Commission – 0% UAH 8,400 (for a company of 100 employees with a monthly average salary UAH 3,500)