Fees for SWIFT-payments

Fees for SWIFT-payments

SWIFT-payment 0.5% of the transferred amount, min. UAH 5.00, not exceeding USD 500.00 + USD 12.00 in UAH at the NBU rate.
SWIFT-payments within Ukraine 1% of the transferred amount, min. USD 20.00, not exceeding USD 500.00 in UAH at the NBU rate.

SWIFT-payment receipt fee

Transfer of SWIFT- payments On the Internet Сard, the “Universal” Сard and the current account of an individual – 0%
To the Payment Card – 0.5% of the transfer amount
Cash withdrawal From the Universal Card and the current account of an individual – 1% of the withdrawal amount
From Card for payments – 0%

How to send a SWIFT transfer

Requirements as to customer details

Foreign currency transfer abroad from an individual can be performed in terms of non-commercial transactions and shall not apply to transactions related to investment and business activities.

Documents for sending a foreign currency SWIFT-payment:

  • for foreign citizens – a national passport (bearing a permanent residence permission stamp) and a permanent residence certificate in Ukraine for foreigners;
  • for citizens of Ukraine: a Ukrainian passport or a substituting document.

Details for sending a foreign currency SWIFT-payment:

  • beneficiary bank name;

  • beneficiary bank SWIFT-code;
  • beneficiary account number (or the international bank account number – IBAN);
  • name (for individuals – first name and last name) and address (residency) of the beneficiary;
  • payment purpose (purpose and invoice number).

How to receive a SWIFT transfer

Step 1. Inform the sender as to the details of the account to which the money will be credited. You can receive the money as follows:

  1. at an ATM (My Settings/More Settings/Card topping-up details);

  2. via a self-service terminal (My Settings/Get details);


Step 2. The transfer will be automatically credited to your card/account.

Step 3. For receiving a SWIFT transfer in Swiss francs, British pounds or Polish zlotys you need to have a personal current account in that respective currency as well as specifying it when entering details for the crediting of funds.

In the event you do not have an account in the currency of the payment to be received (other than U.S. dollars, Euro and Russian roubles); or in the event the account is not specified in the details for receipt of payment, the money will be automatically converted at the Ukrainian Interbank currency market of Ukraine rate and credited to your account in the national currency.
Payments transferred in Australian dollars, Belarusian roubles, Czech crowns, Japanese yen, Lithuanian litas, Latvian lats, Norwegian, Danish or Swedish krona will be credited to your account in the national currency at the Ukrainian Interbank currency market rate.

Banking details requirements for SWIFT-transfers:

  1. Transfers can be performed with respect to non-trade transactions and should not be related to investment or business activities.


  1. Therefore, we recommend that invoices or contracts are not referred to when indicating the reason for payment. In order to ensure prompt transfer we strongly recommend agreeing the transfer currency with the sender (the currency should match that of your card). If you do not have a card in the transfer currency, it is recommended that the transfer is sent in U.S. dollars or Euro.